What's New with Hearing Aid Technology?

What's New with Hearing Aid Technology?

If you’re new to hearing aids, or have a pair that is nearly five year’s old, you’re in for a treat. Because like computers, mobile phones and most other high-tech devices, hearing aids have advanced significantly in just the past several years. Thanks to more detailed research, faster processing speeds, new features and smarter design, today’s hearing aids are definitely not your father’s hearing aids.

Unprecedented sound quality

One of the biggest challenges people with hearing loss have is hearing clearly in noisy places like restaurants or at social gatherings. The best of today’s hearing aids remedy that with advanced directional technology that zeroes in on companions’ voices while reducing unwanted background noise. The result is increased listening precision, comfort and clarity.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless hearing aids are another popular innovation. With wireless, sound from your TV, computer, MP3 player or cell phone is streamed right into your ears at the volume you choose and control. This direct connection results in more immersive, enhanced sound, as you’re now able to listen at the volume you want without having to turn the volume up loud in the room.

Convenient accessories

New accessories, like Starkey Hearing Technologies’ line of SurfLink Accessories, give wearers convenient and robust ways to remotely control their hearing aids, easily sync them to electronic devices or quickly make adjustments on the fly.

Invisible devices

Best of all, today’s digital technology has enabled all these new features and benefits to fit in advanced hearing solutions that are getting smaller and smaller all the time — with some so tiny they rest completely in your ear canal, virtually undetectable when worn.

Hear what’s new for yourself

At our practice we understand that the rapid advancements in hearing aid technology may make identifying which hearing aid features are right for you tough. We strive to ensure that every patient gets the right hearing aids to best meet their hearing loss and lifestyle needs. To start this process, we recommend a complimentary hearing evaluation and consultation. To set up an appointment for you or a loved one simply call us at (561) 691-4144 today.